Padres Rolling Storage Cart DIY

Design your own Padres rolling storage cart in under an hour!

A rolling cart is a great way to store those extra items that can create a mess in your living room or bedroom. Extra blankets, magazines, remote controls, books – you know, the stuff that normally starts to pile up on the coffee table or couch.padres-rolling-storage-cart-10

Here’s how to do it!

Start with an unfinished wood crate. You can grab one at Michaels, Walmart or Home Depot for under $15.

You’ll also need a can of spray paint, 4 light duty swivel casters and a some 1/2″ wood screws, which you can find at the same store that sells the crate. You’ll finish off the crate by applying a metal Padres logo sign from eBay or Amazon.


Throw down a drop cloth, and apply 2-3 thin coats of white spray paint. We used a chalky white, which allows a bit of the wood grain to show through. If you prefer a shiny finish, you can use a standard enamel paint or finish with a clear gloss coat.


Allow 15 minutes to dry before flipping over to paint the inside and ends.


Don’t forget to paint the insides of the handles and in-between the slats. A single can of spray paint will allow for several thin coats, with a little left over for any needed touch-ups.


After you’ve let the crate fully dry, flip it upside down and mark out where you want to attach the casters. Use a pencil to mark the screw locations. It’s best to pre-drill the spots to avoid splitting the wood.


Attach all 4 swivel casters using the 1/2″ wood screws. To avoid splitting or stripping the wood, hand-tighten all screws until they are just snug. Don’t over tighten.


Finish off with a metal Padres logo sign or sticker. We used a mini Padres license plate, which looks really classy and fits the crate perfectly.

Mark out and pre-drill the holes for your mini license plate. Attach with 2 more wood screws.



You’re done! Now grab all that extra stuff off your couch and coffee table, and store it neatly in your new Padres rolling storage cart!


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