DIY Padres Bikinis

If you’ve ever hunted around for MLB-licensed swimwear, then you probably know how tiny the selection is. Each year, there are only a handful of styles to choose from, and finding one you really like can be difficult. Need a different size top and bottom? Good luck with that! Custom order Padres-licensed swimwear is available, but is expensive and usually takes several weeks to arrive.

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So what’s a girl to do if she wants to flaunt her Padres pride at the beach, pool, lake or backyard tanning-fest? Here are a couple of ideas!

  1. Grab the bikini of your choice in a Padres color, then pair with some cute Padres shorts. Very few people are going to notice you’re wearing a team bikini when you’re lying down anyway, so this really is the next best thing. And don’t limit yourself to off-the-shelf Padres shorts! Try hitting the local thrift shops for something rare and vintage. Turning a pair of pants into cut-off shorts is also a great option. Cut-offs pair perfectly with a bikini and there are lots of options when it comes to Padres pants and sweats.
  2. Put the logo on your body, not the bikini. Again, start with a Padres-color bikini of your choice. Then grab some licensed Padre body art sheets and get to work. Two or three properly placed tattoos ought to do it, but here we’ve applied half a sheet’s worth to show your options.

padres bikini body art

padres bikini ideas

padres bikini ideas 2

Throw in a Padres hat, bag or sunglasses and you’re ready to grab some sun in style!

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