“Off” Season Tickets! Padres Piggy Bank

Here’s a cute & classy way to save up for Padres season tickets during the off season. Take one shadow box picture frame and an 8×10 photo, and you’ve got a Padres piggy bank that will blend nicely into any decor.


Remember, 2017 Flex Membership ticket packages can be reserved for as little as $100 per seat. So head over to Walmart or Amazon now and grab yourself a shadow box frame, and get saving! You can print your own photo background (a picture of you and the kids at Petco will do nicely!) or grab something cool from eBay for just a few dollars.

Now you could hang this on the wall, but we recommend placing it somewhere front-and-center so it can’t be missed – like an end table or your kitchen counter. It won’t take long before grandma & grandpa, your best friend and even your next door neighbors begin chipping in for your 2017 season tickets!


Build It:

Grab the shadow box picture frame of your choice, along with a photo or picture to fit. We chose an 8″x10″ frame since that’s a really common size for enlarged photos. It’s also big enough to hold lots of cash but isn’t so large that you’d have trouble finding a place to put it.

If you didn’t buy a frame with a pre-cut slot on top, you can easily add one with a drill or dremel. Drill a few holes really close together, then run the drill back and forth to turn it into one slot. It just needs to be large enough to fit loose change and folded bills. (Picture frame wood is really soft, so this is even easier than it sounds.)

Finally, why not add a personal note or message on the frame glass, such as “Thanks for contributing to our family’s 2017 season ticket fund!” or maybe even a simple “Go Padres!”

With the holidays upon us and 2017 spring training just 4 months away, now is the perfect time to get your Padres piggy bank out on display!


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