DIY: Friday Night Outfit

Do your post-game plans include exploring the East Village or an Uber ride to North Park? Take this off-the-shelf Padres T-shirt and turn it into an outfit ready for a night on the town!

padres tee 3

Grab a distressed short sleeve tee, and trim away the factory neckline. How much you cut will depend on the size of the shirt and the width of your shoulders. To figure out how much to trim away, put the shirt on and use tape or a pen to mark just beyond the width of your shoulders. Cut from these marks, swooping down to just below the factory neckline. This will allow the shirt to hang a little loose, or off one shoulder only. If you cut too far beyond your shoulders, the shirt will droop and want to fall down. It’s better to trim a couple times to get the fit just right, rather than trimming away a large amount on your first cut. Don’t worry about making a perfectly clean or straight cut – you want the edges to be a bit uneven and ragged.

padres tee diy

padres tee 2

padres tee

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