How to Throw a Padres Party on a Budget!

Here’s a quick 5-step guide to help you plan the perfect Padres party for up to ten people, beer included, while spending less than $50!

padres party chips guacamole

1) Instead of a main course, try serving huge bowls of tortilla chips with sides such as refried beans topped with melted jack cheese, jarred salsa with a squeeze of fresh lime to brighten it up, and homemade guacamole. If you’ve got a large crowd, a pound or two of seasoned ground beef (or turkey, tofu, etc.) will really stretch this into a full meal for everyone for just a few more dollars.

2) We love our craft and micro brews here in San Diego. But for the price of 2 six packs of the good stuff, you can grab an entire case of macro beer in cans. Present the cans on ice with wedges of lime on the side. No need to worry about beer snobs complaining, as long as everyone’s drinking the same stuff!

3) Make a fruit salad or fruit tray using only what’s on sale or in-season. A single watermelon or cantaloupe is a LOT of fruit once it’s cut up, and you really only need 2-3 fruits to keep it interesting.

4) Water bottles are cheap, but boring. Instead, serve a big pitcher of ice water loaded with freshly sliced lemon. You might be surprised how quickly it needs a refill!

5) For a super-simple dessert, bake (or buy) a tray of brownies and frost with “Padres” blue store-bought frosting.

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