SD Fan Day or Night – Padres UV Tattoo

Show your true SD spirit by painting your body with UV paint, “Padres” style! UV-reactive body paint is easy and fun to work with! By day, it looks like any other body paint and is perfect for flaunting your Padres pride at the game. When exposed to UV light (as found in most bars or clubs) it glows brightly like neon! After the Padres steal a win from their opponent, you’ll want to hit the Gaslamp to celebrate. Since you painted yourself in UV paint, you will be glowing with Padres art everywhere you go!

Get crazy and cheer on the San Diego Padres in color!

Get your ‘UV paint on’ by following 4 simple steps:

  1. You can purchase the UV paint on Amazon for under $20 – UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint
  2. Use an alphabet stencil to make your letters look nice and neat
  3. Use a small water paint brush to also help with neatness
  4. Apply the UV paint anywhere you want! (Paint is non-toxic and safe to use around eyes and mouth.)


‘GO PADRES!’ down my leg in blue UV paint, day and night views:

uv body paint


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