Padres Snowman- Kids Craft

The Padres Snowman is a fun and easy DIY for the kids. This snowman was crafted by 9 year old, Lizzy and makes a great gift idea for any Padres Fan.

Padres Snowman
What you need:

Large Mason Jar

Medium sized buttons

Padres Blue Ribbon of your choice

Hot Glue Gun


Your Favorite Blue Candies (Sixlets were used here)

Padres Snowman DIY

Using the hot glue gun, glue three buttons down the front of the mason jar. Let sit for about one minute to dry. Fill the mason jar with the candy. Cut ribbon to the length needed to wrap around the top of the jar.  Tie ribbon around the top, one end longer than the other so that it resembles a scarf. Simple as that! Now you have a Padres Snowman!

Your Supply List:

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